Blooming Wonders of Seville

The passionate city of Seville has been elected by the Lonely Planet Guide as the best city in the world to visit in 2018+ info

Avant-garde and unconventional location

Unforgettable experience in Barcelona that fuses technology, art and gastronomy...+ info

Madrid's Adrenaline Adventure

Madrid has the ultimate flying experience for your next event in town!+ info

La Mercè Barcelona

The streets of Barcelona transform itself into an open theatre to receive the captivating festivity of La Mercè…+ info

Summer Jazz Nights at La Pedrera

Imagine being at a Gaudí creation in Barcelona whilst hearing to live jazz concerts and appreciating the mind-blowing views... is now possible!+ info

Madrid Rooftops Extravaganza

The Spanish capital has a unique manner of enjoying their summer...+ info

Weekend getaway – Costa Brava

The beautiful coast of Costa Brava is a true oasis with clear blue waters and green hills on the backdrop... Not to mention, it’s fulfilled with hotels, restaurants, vineyards and much more!+ info


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